Venture’s problem today

Low to negative i-rate environment > investors look for returns in alternative assets > VCs raise too much money > startups raise too much money > startups burn money on competing on customer acquisition because they can > LTV doesn't increase with ramp up in CAC > CAC exceeds LTV > bubble pops

New thoughts on populism

I just finished listening to The Daily's five podcasts from last week (June 10 - June 14). Each podcast was recorded from a European country in the midst of a sweeping populist transition in the current election cycle. They recorded stories from France, Germany, Italy, and Poland. Listening to these consecutively has led me to … Continue reading New thoughts on populism


Curbing consumption in the US seems to me to be the most pressing reform necessary to mitigating negative externalities that ultimately may lead to irreversible climate change. Has anyone proposed a fiscal policy to begin offsetting the impact of production-driven, climate-affecting negative externalities that offers a tax rebate inversely proportional to the amount individuals spend … Continue reading Consumption

Systems Thinking + Climate

I've been sporadically picking up and putting down Thinking in Systems by Donella Meadows over the past several months. I feel like this should be mandatory reading for anyone required to think conceptually or in the abstract as part of their job. This is a great supplement to a humanities style of thinking. Here are … Continue reading Systems Thinking + Climate


WSJ published an op-ed by 2020 Democratic presidential candidate John Hickenlooper today entitled "I'm Running to Save Capitalism". He's essentially pushing a goldilocks economic agenda between mass deregulation and socialism, and applies that approach to minimum wage, health insurance, the tax regime, education, and competition. The something new I learned in the article was that … Continue reading Competition

Kinetic Conference in Indianapolis

Currently at the Kinetic Conference in Indianapolis, IN which is sponsored by the state funded venture group Elevate Ventures. The president of the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) Bobby Franklin gave a really interesting keynote on public policy in VC this morning. The NVCA is the lobbying group for VC. Couple things I learned: CFIUS … Continue reading Kinetic Conference in Indianapolis

Thoughts on Andrew Yang and Universal Basic Income (UBI)

I sent the body of text below to a family member to make the case for why people should be paying attention to Andrew Yang as a candidate. I don't think he'll end up as the Democratic party's general election candidate, but he's going to make a splash as the primary picks up and I'm … Continue reading Thoughts on Andrew Yang and Universal Basic Income (UBI)